Sedona, AZ Scenic - Photo - Rock Art & Archaeilogy Tours - Photography Instruction by Susie Reed

"Reflecting Pool Moonrise" • Cathedral Rock • Sedona, AZ • Photograph by Susie Reed
"Reflecting Pool Moonrise" • Cathedral Rock • Sedona, AZ • Photo by Susie Reed

Award-winning photographer Susie Reed takes people to some of her favorite spots on her Sedona photo, scenic and archaeology tours. She's knows the area well after years of photographing its spectacular landscapes, vortexes, reflecting pools, sunsets, moonrises, night skies, hiking trails, bird sanctuaries, Indian dwellings and rock art sites.

"Agave Sees On" • Sedona, AZ • Photograph by Susie Reed

Susie's tours have 5-star Google and TripAdvisor ratings. Most people say she takes them to great places they'd never find on their own.

She's popular with photographers, people interested in archaeology and those who want to get away from crowds and experience Sedona in a more unique and intimate way than is possible on group tours.

TripAdvisor Susie Reed Photos 5-Star Review
Excellent TripAdvisor Susie Reed Photos 5-Star Review

If you're in town briefly, Susie can take you to some of Sedona's best locations so you can get the most out of your stay. She can tailor your tour to your interests and lead you to places where you can take great pictures. Photographers appreciate how much time she gives them to shoot, rather than rushing them along as happens on most tours.

"Clouds Gathering" • Sedona, AZ • Photograph by Susie Reed

Susie can guide you to little know remote locations where you can connect with the earth, immerse yourself in the serenity of nature and the beauty of Sedona's magnificent red rock country.

"Tree with a View" • Sedona, AZ Photograph by Susie Reed

She shares unique insights and wisdom about Sedona, its vortexes and archaeology sites, which she's learned from years of exploring, research and Native Americans, shaman, Forest Service guides, docents, archaeologists and others she's met along the way.

"Birdland" • Rock art near Sedona, AZ • Photograph by Susie Reed
"Birdland" • Rock art near Sedona, AZ • Photograph by Susie Reed

"I got hooked on photography on my first trip to Sedona after spending
a couple days under the tutelage of professional photographer
Susie Reed. If you want to see some REALLY good pictures
of Sedona look her up! B.A., Lydia, SC

The photos on this website are by Susie Reed. Some are of possible
tour destinations. Prints are available for sale. Please inquire at or call 928-204-5856.

Sedona Tour Options by Susie Reed

Susie Reed's photography student taking pictures of Cathedral Rock Refleting Pool, Sedona, AZ Photo by Susie Reed

Photo Tours & Workshops
All Sedona tours can be made into photo tours upon request.

Susie Reed Photos TripAdvisor 5 star Review

"Thanks again for taking time with us—we learned a ton from you,
eager to apply our new knowledge during the balance of our trip."
S.B., Minneapolis, MN

Photo ops abound on Susie's tours. • Photograph by Susie Reed

If you want to want to become a better photographer we suggest booking a Sedona photo tour with Susie near the start of your visit so you can enjoy the benefits of what you learn for the rest of your stay.

She shares useful photo tips, recommends camera settings for various situations, explains how to shoot panoramas, stars, running water, HDR, do bracketing, achieve good composition, use filters and more.

"Sunset's Last Light" • Cathedral Rock • Sedona, AZ • Photograph by Susie Reed

"I cannot thank you enough for sharing your priceless love and knowledge of photography and Sedona." B. F., Detroit, MI

Photoshop & Lightroom Logos

Susie can also teach you how to create stunning photos with Photoshop and Lightroom and provide assistance with editing, organizing photo files, preparing pictures for print, online, photo contests and exhibitions.

Click here to find out about Susie's one-on-one photography
instruction and Sedona group photo workshops and Jeep tours.

“Thanks again for what I learned as a result of your class and all your
help with the editing issues. Subsequently won a photo contest.” Bill N.

Susie Reed Photos TripAdvisor 5-star Review

"I wanted to thank you again for spending your afternoon and early
evening with us. You were patient, charming, fun (and funny) and
just a pleasure to be around. We both felt like we learned a lot…
We will be in touch our next time up." G. D., Dallas, TX

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"Sunset Tree" • Sedona, AZ Photograph by Susie Reed
"Sunset Tree" • Sedona, AZ
Photograph by Susie Reed

Sedona Sunset Tours by Susie Reed

"Beauty's Reflection" • Sedona, AZ • Photograph by Susie Reed

Susie's sunset photo tour is her most popular. It's during this time of day when photographers often the nicest light and sometimes colorful clouds fill the sky. Most people book 4 or 5 hours. These tours fill fast.

"Thank you again for a great day yesterday. I thoroughly
enjoyed our time together and was very pleased with
the photographs I was able to capture." P.H., AZ

Sedona Scenic Tours by Susie Reed

You never know what you'll find on any given day... Sometimes
clouds drop by to make Sedona's scenery even more magnificent.

"Favorite Formation" • Sedona, AZ • Photograph by Susie Reed
"Favorite Formation" • Sedona, AZ

After it rains, Susie knows where to find reflecting pools.

"Perfect Afternoon" • Cathedral Rock • Sedona, AZ • Photo by Susie Reed

Sedona is beautiful throughout the year. It looks different
during each season and at various times of day.

When it snows Sedona turns into a winter wonderland.

"Sedona Winter Wonderland" • Photograph by Susie Reed
"Sedona Winter Wonderland" • Photograph by Susie Reed

In the hot summer a visit to Oak Creek can be refreshing.

“Thanks again for such a wonderful afternoon of photography, conver-
sation and learning. I learned so much, loved every minute." K.B., CT

Susie conducts Sedona tours all year 'round. There's always
something new to discover as you can see from her photos.

Ancient Dwellings & Rock Art Tours by Susie Reed

Indian Dwellings photo by Susie Reed
Indian Dwellings near Sedona, AZ
Photograph by Susie Reed

This is a unique opportunity to join eminent Southwest rock art photographer Susie Reed on a fascinating off-road journey to see some of her favorite Sedona rock art and Sinaguan Indian cliff dwellings.

"Hunter's Spirit" • Rock art near Sedona, AZ • Photograph by Susie Reed
"Hunter's Spirit" • Rock art near Sedona, AZ • Photograph by Susie Reed

You'll learn about the area's rich Native American history and Susie will explain how and why rock art was made, it's possible meanings, uses and more. You'll feel like you've stepped back in time as you stand where the ancients once stood and you'll enjoy an array of breathtaking landscapes and canyons on the ride to and from the site.

Susie Reed Photos TripAdvisor 5-Star Review

Archaeological dig near Sedona, AZ • Photograph by Susie Reed
Archaeological dig near Sedona, AZ

"Susie Reed is widely recognized as a foremost photographer of rock
art who specializes in documenting Sedona’s pictographs and pet-
roglyphs. She has collectors nationally and internationally.”
Linda Goldenstein, owner Goldenstein Gallery

Rock art near Sedona, AZ • Photograph by Susie Reed
Rock art near Sedona, AZ • Photograph by Susie Reed

"Susie, I thought you might like to see the photo you helped me take
in Sedona printed and framed. Lots of what I took are nice. I had
a great time learning from you." K.E., Sacramento, CA

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Thank you again for a lovely day yesterday.
I will be in touch for another session." S.M., AZ

Custom Sedons Tours by Susie Reed

Susie Reed & Pink Jeep Tours Ancient Dwellings & Rock Art Annual Archaeolgy Month Tour
Susie and Pink Jeep Tours guide lead a special Explore Ancient Wonders tour
conducted each March in honor of AZ Archaeology and Heritage Awareness Month.

Off-Road Sedona Jeeps Tours with Susie Reed

"Earth Womb" • Sedona, AZ • Lanadscape Photograph by Susie Reed
"Earth Womb" • Sedona, AZ • Photograph by Susie Reed


Susie Reed leads private customized Pink Jeep and other tours. They make great outings for resort and hotel guests, conference and festival attendees, families, archaeology societies, camera clubs and others. She can create a tour especially for your group and if people want, she'll help them take pictures.

Her unique off-road private Pink Jeep tours are unlike any of their other offerings. Designed primarily for photographers and people interested in archaeology, they include longer stops and different combinations of destinations than their standard Pink Jeep tours.

"Sedona Expanse" • Broken Arrow Tour Photograph by Susie Reed
"Sedona Expanse" • Photograph by Susie Reed

Her Jeep tours are a great way for photographers to get to a variety of spectacular locations without having to hike far or drive themselves over rough terrain and challenging rock and boulders.

Her private Broken Arrow Tour is a favorite and if you like shooting panoramas, you'll love it. The expansive views you'll find in every direction are hard to beat and the exciting ride getting there is just beginning of the fun...

Contact Susie Reed Photos to set up a tour for your group.

Cathedral Rock Reflection after Rain "Peace On Earth" • Sedona, AZ • Photograph by Susie Reed
"Peace On Earth" • Cathedral Rock • Sedona, AZ • Photograph by Susie Reed

"Susie was very good at listening to what we liked and wanted and tailoring the tour to meet our needs. We had a terrific time. I learned
quite a bit about using settings on my camera to get more unique
shots. What makes a tour with Susie so rewarding, she is able to
share not only some amazing places in Sedona, but also her
years of experience as a professional photographer at no
extra cost. A wonderful experience." R.W., New York

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Private Tour and/or
Photo Instruction Costs:

The prices below are for private photo shoots, Photoshop and Lightroom instruction, portfolio reviews and one-on-one consultations
where you choose what you'd like to so. Many people do a combination.


$75 per hour - 2 hour minimum

2 to 5 People:

2 hours - $135 per person
3 hours - $175 per person
4 hours - $225 per person
5 hours - $275 per person

Please call 928-204-5856 or email for rates for groups of 6 or more.

Transportion charges may be added.

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Scenic • Photography • Archaeology Jeep Tours

Gift Certificates available.

Need a valentine for
your favorite photographer?

Gift certificates are available for tours
and/or Photoshop and Lightroom instruction.

Gift Certificate Sample

"Since arriving home we often talk about the wonderful time we
had with you a few weeks ago on our photo shoot. I can't tell
you how much we enjoyed spending an afternoon with you
taking photographs. Thanks so much for bringing us
to those wonderful spots.“ Don and Linda T

Advanced reservations are required.

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Susie Reed’s exclusive tours book quickly due to their popularity and
limited availability. We recommend making reservations well in
advance so you can book the date(s) and time(s) you’d like.

"Sphinx Looking Out" • Sedona, AZ • Photograph by Susie Reed

"Photo exhibit statement: "Serendipity put me in the path of Susie Reed,
a renowned Sedona photographer who also leads photo tours. Susie
took me to some of her favorite spots, taught me how to use my digital camera and showed me how to choose and compose a good picture.
This collection represents the highlights of my trip and I hope does
justice to her excellent instruction." B.W., SC

"Beauty in Motion" • Photograph by Susie Reed

Susie Reed Photos Sedona, AZ Tours General Information

• Tour times are approximate.

• Your group will not be combined with other people on private tours.

Tours include moderate hiking. Some tours can be modified if that's too difficult. Please let us know if you have any special needs or requirements.

• Advanced reservations required. A deposit or full payment is needed to hold your reservation. A 25% fee will be charged for cancellations made 30 days before the scheduled date(s). No refunds are given for cancellations made after 30 days prior to tour, photo shoot, class, workshop, consultation or other services date(s). All cancellation requests must be in writing and received either by email, US mail or fax.

• Please call or email for group rates and additional tour options.

• Availability and prices are subject to change without notice.

• Tours are subject to trail, road, weather and emergency conditions.

• For tours and photo shoots we suggest bringing water, a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and wear good gripping shoes or hiking boots. No glass containers. If you are going on a sunset tour we recommend bring layers as it can get cold fast after the sun goes down.

• Off-road tours are not recommended for pregnant women or people with serious back or neck problems. Contact lens wearers may want to wear glasses due to dust on off road excursions.

• To pay by check or money order please send payment to Susie Reed Photos, PO Box 3442, Sedona, AZ 86340. Check payments must be received at least 7 business days prior to tour/event dates.

By registering Susie Reed's tours, workshops or other offerings you acknowledge you've read and agree to Susie Reed Photos policies. For tours conducted in collaboration with Pink Jeep Tours Sedona or other tour companies their terms and conditions also apply.

“Excellent" - “Interesting" - “Knowledgeable, personable and informative.” Sedona Arts Center students

"Succulent Garden" • Cacuts Garden Photograph by Susie Reed
"Succulent Garden" • Photograph by Susie Reed

Susie Reed's beautiful photographs are available for
licensing and sale as paper, metal or canvas prints.

For prices and further information please email or call 928-204-5856.

Susie Reed is represented by Goldenstein Gallery,
voted the best gallery in Sedona for the last ten years and
named the number one place to shop in Sedona by USA Today.

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70 Dry Creek Road in West Sedona

Goldenstein Gallery • Sedona, AZ 86336 • (928) 204-1765

"Congratulations, Susie, on your Sedona Mayor's Arts Award nomination. The members of the Arts and Culture Commission are incredibly impressed with your credentials. You are very accomplished. Only the best of the best receive nominations and you are one of the best." Heather Molans, Sedona Arts and Culture Commissioner

Photograph of Susie Reed

Susie Reed has extensive experience behind the camera as a fine art and commercial photographer. Her photos are in the Enchantment Resort, Sedona Forest Service and Visitor Centers and many private collections.

Among the places she's taught and spoken are San Francisco Art Institute, California College of the Arts, Sedona Arts Center and Sedona Photofest. She's a frequent guest and tour guide for camera clubs.

Her work has been in major museums and galleries including the De Young Museum, the Cooper Hewitt Museum and the International Museum of Photography. Her pictures have also been reproduced on products, murals and in books, magazines and solo calendars.

Click here to learn more about Susie.

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may not be reproduced in any form without advanced written permission.

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