Award-winning photographer Susie Reed shares her passion for Arizona and photography in her Sedona tours and photo workshops. She takes people to breathtaking places and off the beaten path locations while sharing fascinating insights about Sedona's vortexes, sacred sites, power spots, rock art, archaeology and more.

She helps photographers of all levels who use a wide range of gear to take better pictures and make them look good by using Photoshop and Lightroom to do post-processing and correct picture problems. She believes that when done well together good shooting and post-processing are a recipe for successful photos.

Shield rock art photo by © Susie Reed • near Sedona, Arizona
"Circle, Square,Triangle" • Rock art near Sedona, AZ
Photograph by Susie Reed

Susie fell in love with Sedona on her first visit in the mid '90's. After that she returned annually to shoot its wonderful landscapes, rock art and archaeology sites until finally moving to Sedona from Sausalito in 2005.

She now lives near Cathedral Rock, one of her favorite subjects to photograph. Many of her beautiful pictures of this famous Sedona landmark are on this website and her Facebook page.

"Enlightened Heart" • Liberte Chan doing yoga while on a tour with Susie.
Sedona, AZ • Photograph by Susie Reed

"Thank you! Love your passion."
Liberte Chan, KTLA meteorologist, reporter, Los Angeles, CA

While it may be easy to find Sedona vortexes and hiking trails, knowing the best places to go once there is another matter. Susie can guide you to them and special, serene, remote spots away from crowds where you can commune with nature, explore its wonders and do yoga if you'd like.

She's an in demand Sedona photography guide and instructor who knows where photo ops abound. She can help you make the most out of limited time in Sedona and make sure you come away with great pictures. She customizes her private tours to people's interests and creates unique experiences not found on group tours.

"Thanks for the great day. It was beautiful. We enjoyed
the scenery and your KNOWLEDGE and company!
See you again!" A.T., Long Island, NY

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"Marvelous Moonrise" • Cathedral Rock
Sedona, AZ • iPhone Photograph by Susie Reed

Susie's Sedona tours have 5-star TripAdvisor and Google ratings. Her sunset photo tour is her most popular. It's a favorite with photographers, and others who aren't photographers. Most people say she takes them to places they'd never find on their own.

On her private Pink Jeep Broken Arrow, landscape, archaeology and other tours you stay longer at stops than on their regular tours.

"We had such a nice afternoon with you. Thank you so much for
your time and wonderful knowledge. What fun!!" A. Cregor, Park, AZ

"Wonderful Discovery" • Sedona, AZ • Photograph by Susie Reed

Susie helps people go from feeling overwhelmed by trying to figure how to use complex cameras and photo software, to comfortable and confident operating them in a surprisingly short amount of time.

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Whether you're using a high-end, mirrorless, point and shoot, cell phone or other camera Susie can help you improve. She shares good camera settings for various situtaions, compostions tips and more on her photo tours and teaches effect post-processing in her Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom workshops.

"Creamy Center" and "Hibiscus Glow" • iPhone Photographs by Susie Reed

"I wanted to thank you again. You were patient, charming, fun
(and funny) and just a pleasure to be around. We both
felt like we learned a lot." G. D., Dallas, Texas

She provides constructive feedback and suggestions in photo critiques and portfolio reviews, assists with editing and organizing photos and is an experienced photo contest judge who uses her insider's knowledge to help people prepare winning entries.

“Thanks again for what I learned as a result of your class and all your
help with the editing issues. Subsequently won a photo contest.” Bill N.

Susiue Reed's photo student taking picture in creek
Susie Reed's Sedona tours and photo workshops are a favorite with photographers.
Sedona, AZ • Photograph by Susie Reed

Susie Reed's 2018 Sedona Photography Workshops

“Thank you so very much. You are so enjoyable to be with AND
provide so much information of all kinds! You are a gift to
photographers who come here." D. Cole, Austin, TX

Susie Reed and Dizzy at Cathedral Rock,
one of their favorite places in Sedona.

"I’ve taught photography to people from many countries. I always love
when what I’m showing clicks in and they're are off and running on their own. I know from then on they’ll be better photographers." Susie Reed

"Blooming Agave Sees On" Picture in agave Sedona, AZ • Photograph by Susie Reed
"Blooming Agave Sees On" • Sedona, AZ • Photograph by Susie Reed

“We had an amazing time yesterday. Thank you so much. Hope to
work with you again one day.” J. and M. S., Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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"If you ever are in the Phoenix area, Sedona is a must do, one-day
trip. Susie Reed took me to all the great venues for photographing
this magical place. It was one of the best investments I've made to
help me improve as a photographer.
It was clearly evident her heart
is deeply embedded in this beautiful valley, just look at her pictures.
What is equally impressive are her photo tips. I encourage anyone
that loves taking pictures to read them."
S.F., Warick, RI

"Reflection Perfection" • Cathedral Rock • Sedona, AZ • Photograph by Susie Reed

Susie Reed's pictures of Sedona, Arizona and other photos
on this website are available for sale and licensing.
Some show possible Sedona tour destinations.

Susie Reed "Famly's Hands" rock art photo fomr near Sedina, Arizona
"Family's Hands" • Rock Art near Sedona, AZ
Photograph by Susie Reed

Susie is considered an eminent photographer of Southwest rock art who has a gift for magically bringing pictographs and petroglyphs back to life in her intriguing photos.

"Sedona photographer and writer Susie Reed is scaling success,
not by climbing Red Rock Country, but by photographing its
ancient history." JoBeth Jamison, Sedona Magazine

Sedona Rock Art Photograph by © Susie Reed
"Big Presence" • Rock Art near Sedona, AZ
Photograph by Susie Reed

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"Cloud Gathering" picture of Sedona, AZ Cathedral Rock Photograph by Susie Reed
"Cloud Gathering" • Sedona, AZ • Photograph by Susie Reed

"Since arriving home we often talk about the wonderful time we had
with you on our photo shoot. I can't tell you how much we enjoyed
spending an afternoon with you taking photographs. Thanks so
much for bringing us to those wonderful spots.“ D. & L. T.

"Cascading Colors" • Photograph by Susie Reed
"Cascading Colors" • Photograph by Susie Reed

Susie's photos have been in books, magazines, solo calendars, on murals, tv, Forest Service signs, stationery products and elsewhere. She loves photographing many subjects, as can be seen on this site.

Susie Reed's Photos Slideshow
Photographs by Susie Reed

She is represented by Goldenstein Gallery, which was voted the best gallery in Sedona for the last 10 years and named the top place to shop in Sedona by USA Today. Her work has been in major museums and galleries including the Cooper Hewitt, the International Museum of Photography, Friends of Photography and the De Young Museum.

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150 State Route 179 • Sedona, AZ
Goldenstein Gallery • 928-204-1765

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